Cruelty Free

Now I post this with some apprehension as this is an emotive subject and there is the very prickly subject of ‘parent companies’. A company may have a brand which is based on strong no animal testing and/or ingredients but that company grows and gets bought out by a big parent company, who may keep the brand ethic or may not (Body Shop and Urban Decay are too such brands bought out by big corporates who do admit to testing, but are keeping the ethical brand image – totally gutted about Urban Decay, I love loved their mascara) And getting info from companies can also be hard work, generally if a company is vague or non responsive then its a no go and companies change polices so much and parents get bought out so the chain of who owns who gets muddied. My stance is, I make the effort to buy cruelty free.

My list is by no means comprehensive and is brands I own or want to buy from – a big question that crops up is –  should the big companies be encouraged to have cruelty free brands or should those companies be boycotted in the first place?

Its so tough and I am using the brands I already own up that have bad parent companies but am not replacing them or promoting them.

But this is my choice,  I’ve met some very accepting animal rights activists and vegans  and I’ve met some very judgemental, aggressive and dictatorial ones. I don’t want to be judged for my choices and I don’t judge back, I just want pretty nails in which no animals were harmed or were made to suffer in the making of. I want cruelty free nails. Simple.

If there is any on here that have changed, or I’m mis informed of, please please let me know 🙂

Brands (and with parent companies who do not test)

Barry M

China Glaze – owned by American International Industries which has a no animal testing statement.


Color Club – Leaping Bunny certified


Butter London


Glitzology – statement on her Etsy page

Glitter Gal


Lush – they don’t make nail polish 😦 but their cuticle butter is lovely!



Nails Inc


Orly – signed no animal testing statements


Picture Polish 

Pretty Serious

Seche – owned by American International Industries which has a no animal testing statement.


Dubious Companies

Lush Lacquer – interesting one, seems they used to state they were cruelty free, Harlow and Co used to sell them but don’t list them any more (Harlow and Co sell Indie polishes that are cruelty free) and this is how I found them but except for this, Lush Lacquer don’t make any statements. Their polishes are mixed from other polishes so I’m assuming they maybe mix with some polishes that do test… I’ll be happy to be proven wrong here.

Sally Hansen – owned by Coty 😦 SH web site states they don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals nor do they commission 3rd parties. Its a slightly vague statement, followed by a Coty statement, stating customer safety comes first. So how much is SH just covering their arses, as opposed to what they actually do?

Brands that don’t but have parent companies that do
Essie – formerly cruelty free but bought out by L’Oreal which has a very dubious statement about being cruelty free since 1989 except where country legistation requires it (China for example)

OPI  – owned by Coty, who also own Rimmel etc but OPI since being re owned have recommitted to no animal testing.

Good news in Europe is new legislation just got more strict, bad news is this doesn’t apply in the US. But it seems the US has more brands that promote cruelty free and even vegan polishes. If your wanting to be cruelty free, I suggest do your research before you part with your cash and do your best.


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