Hi Folks,

In October I’m taking part in the Royal Parks 1/2 Marathon in London. Looks like a stunning run, London is blessed with several beautiful parks near each other.

Training has started and am back to the 5k level so the hard work is about to start! My preferred distance is 10k. Not too short and not too long, as give me the opportunity I am essentially lazy! Last run I did was the 10K Kingston in December which was a stunning run along the Thames on a cold crisp morning. I’m not a happy summer runner, I like the cold to run in- so this is going to be hard work!

I’d like to do the 1/2 marathon in 2 hours. My previous half was done 5 years ago in 2.5 hours, I walked a lot of it!  So just getting my desired time out there, so I have an added goal to achieve  Anyway I am running for MIND, a UK mental health charity.


Well I honestly don’t know anyone who hasn’t suffered from some sort of anxiety or depression in their lives. I’ve suffered from depression, I was lucky and avoided going on tablets but I know more people than not on anti depression med’s 😦

I’ve not suffered in a long while but if I can force myself to run when I feel even just having a bad day it helps massively (oh and doing my nails, pretty nails can change a days mood!)  But not everyone can manage and some people really get hit hard and really suffer, so much that working and family life is a problem.

OCD , Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Panic attacks – these are the ones I know about, but what about all the others that people suffer in silence with? But there is a stigma, tell someone you suffer from say a stomach problem, say IBS or a bad back and people tend to be okay with physical disorders – tell someone you are depressed, have OCD etc and it makes people scared, worried that you are unstable. Yet its so common! So not only is suffering/experiencing a mental illness bad enough but then having the anxiety of what people think if you tell them, must be awful. I think more awareness, will create more acceptance, more awareness & acceptance means more support for people, more help. So this is why I am running for MIND.

Why is this on the blog?

As well as doing the ‘will you sponsor me’ nagging standard way of raising funds, I have a few unused polishes in my stash I could sell, but I have decided to auction them with the proceeds going to MIND. Hopefully I can do this via eBay  (you can do it via eBay for Charity, I will be donating 100% to MIND and this will provide the gift aid option as well) and I’m lucky enough to be getting some stunning polishes on their way to me but have decided to auction a couple of those as well.

And I have had the offer of some charity nails being made for the auction and a UK site gift certificate so its starting to take shape already 🙂

I’m looking at about August to start the auctions –  getting the polishes and contacts over the next few months. I don’t do things by halves and I want this to be a massive success, I won’t be happy unless it is!

So if you would like to donate any polishes that you think would attract some attention and cash, please let me know. And if you are a blogger who receives freebies for review and are selling them, maybe could you spare a couple of decent ones that I could auction off? Cut off point for donated polishes will be end of June, which gives me a month to catalogue the donations and get them on eBay, ready for August.

Of course if you just want to sponsor me thats fine, I’ll add the form up here at a later date and if you want to take part in the auction then the polish details will be on here over the next few weeks (mid- end May) I will provide details as to if they are new, swatched, used etc and will provide links to the swatch pictures (hopefully by the blog site who donated the polish) etc. Full credit will be given to donatee’s.

If you have any questions, or indeed any more ideas on how I can make this an amazing sucess please get in touch.

Now I’m off to do the hard part and go for a run before it rains.

Jude x (



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