Well the vague idea that formed in the shape of a charity auction is now actually over and we raised a massive £419 for MIND! I was hoping and wanting to raise £200 so the auction was a massive massive success! Said I wouldn’t be happy if it wasn’t a success but this has way exceeded my expectations –

So a massive thank you to everyone who helped in the form of encouragement, or bidding – a huge thank you to the donators who made it possible and a massive thank you to Sal of Sally Magpies for arranging and donating Its Blue and its MIND – which went for £46, £68, £64 & £38 – massive amounts!

So I hope everyone who won something is happy with their polishes and I just need to get on with the actual training for the half marathon side of things 🙂


And this also means that I can pay attention to the blog and my own nails more now 🙂 Expect a hopefully more regular and improved service to resume shortly.


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