Charity Auction is Live!!

I completely forgot to to advertise the auction on here šŸ˜¦ Its been a mental week, my body is rebelling after last weeks epic yacht racing, I’m still swaying! and I just wanna sleep – soooo worth it though! And its taken a good while to get the polishes pictured and on eBay – so apologies no nail polish blog posts this week!

So do you want to take part in the fun?Ā 

A facebook group with all the polishes for auction and the eBay links are on the below:

Bidding has already started and its quite exciting seeing whats causing interest first! Also hoping up to day are the 5 custom made Lilypad Lacquers donated by Sally Magpies (just waiting for swatches) So heres a sneak preview of Its Blue and its MIND:



Pretty stunning huh! Its a Navy Blue Jelly with micro holo pigments and a pink micro flakie to give a duo edge šŸ™‚

AND the Lilypad will be available to bid internationally (the donated polishes sadly I can only send to the UK)

AND if thats not exciting enough, I’ve actually got some more polishes for auction coming my way this week – so missed out on something now? worry not… more pretties are on their way!

And why I am doing all this? to raise money for MIND – a UK mental health charity. I’m running a 1/2 marathon in October and a polish auction seemed like a fun way to raise cash and spread some polish love! I’m up to 14K and after 10 days off – due to the yacht racing (its hard to run when on a boat for 7 days šŸ˜‰ ) the next 7 weeks I will be living in my trainers!




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