Pocket Money Polishes – Glitter Babies

So not sure if you’ve all noticed but there has been a wave of new UK indie makers recently. This is good news, but I admit I have been waiting for a longer term reaction to see where to part with my cash but when I saw swatches of Glitter Babies i have to say I was impressed.

In the flesh they did not disappoint. First up, the packaging was very cute. Polka dotted tissue paper and the polishes came in a little bag – so this had to be mentioned.

The 2 I purchased were Summertime a green themed glitter and Sunshine a red/orange themed glitter. The glitter is of different sizes and is matt – so it is a bit different. All the below show Glitter Babies over a base coat and with 1 coat of SV.

the Glitter Babies

First up we have Sunshine – I layered this over Kiko 362 which is a stunning poppy red creme (although the picture picks up a slight shimmer, no idea why)  2 coats, no top coat here.

kiko 362 - Poppy Red

kiko 362 – Poppy Red

Glitter Babies Sunshine over Kiko 362

Glitter Babies Sunshine over Kiko 362

I’m not sure the red was a good choice, the glitter applies well – no fishing and glitter pay off on the coat is good. I also think the glitter is quite pretty but maybe the red over powers it…Or maybe I put to much glitter on, less is more and all that… I will revisit Sunshine with different undies and let you know when have found one I’m happy with 🙂

Next up is Summertime  – I layered this over Kiko 391 a vibrant grass green creme, which I really liked. Surprisingly so!

Again the glitter went on well, I actually got a heart every time I pulled my brush out – but I think big glitters are a waste on my little nail. And I love the combination of colours in the glitter, and the squares and hexes.

Kiko 391 & Summertime

Kiko 391 & Summertime

I also decided to try Summertime over a lighter green, so here it is over Models Own Apple Pie

Summertime over Models Own Apple Pie

Summertime over Models Own Apple Pie

Amazing how much softer the glitter comes off on a pastel. I like both glitters but Summertime is just fab!

You can order these from here – you order via an online form, and the girls will send you a pay pal invoice. I ordered on a Thursday night and they were delivered on Saturday – really impressive. And I will be keeping an eye out on future collections 🙂


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