Aye Aye Skipper

Ahoy shipmates!

So this week in the UK is very very big week in the yacht racing world – its Cowes week, which is a series of daily inshore races around the Isle of Wight and Sunday marks the start of the RORC Fastnet 2013 offshore race which is over 600 nautical miles, from Cowes – around a light house off the southern tip of Ireland – and then finishes in Plymouth in Cornwall. It has a varied history and is a very challenging race, only held every 2 years.

So in honour – I played with the nautical theme πŸ™‚

First up is your traditional nautical stripes, a layer of picture polish Ocean, a gold glitter top coat and more Ocean – topped with some nautical themed decals from born pretty. And some stamping from the Cheeky 36 plate. The thumb was navy stripes but I was too ashamed of the cuticle to include it in the pic. Straight after I did some TLC on my nails, not sure how much it helped though.

Nautical Nails 1

Nautical Nails 1

Next up is a quick one I did with the MoYou Sailor plates and this time I added Barry M Aqua on top of the Ocean. I’m not keen – it lost the jelly finish.

Only image on this design I really like is the thumb, the dolphin. Last sail trip I did, we were crossing the channel and a ship was in the distance Β – dolphins appeared and they were jumping up and down through the waves the wake of the ship created. Was pretty special. You see some amazing moon rises sailing at night as well as sun rises πŸ™‚

Anyway close up of the thumb… excuse the clean up, was bad.

The lower black image was suppossed to be waves, but up close I think you could easily mistake Dolphins in the sunset, for Dolphins playing in the firey depths of hell maybe… not sure why but I like that idea and may do a full mani based on that theme one day…


5 responses to “Aye Aye Skipper

  1. thanks ladies! I find the one off images can be hit a miss over the full nail images – practise makes perfect I guess! and I am awaiting delivery of a squishy stamper, so hoping that will help πŸ™‚

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