Its all gone stripy…

So after my small success with stripes last week, I felt compelled to just go all stripy! So here is a quick post with my results to date.

These are not perfect by any means but I’m excited enough to share my progress and the photos are a bit shit. sorry.

First up is wide stripes – I was inspired by the stripes The Nailasaurus did for blog fest which were amazing!

I used Zoya Jacqueline and Kiko 314 Cyclamen here and a coat of SV.

Stripe Nail Art

Stripe Nail Art

Here I just went with striping tape and Sellotape. What I really want now is some of those craft scissors that cut wavy and crinkle lines šŸ™‚ I used Barry M Dragon fruit and Guava. I could only do Dragon Fruit on the base as it was so sheer initially. I think if doing a skittle if you get 2 shades (or as many as you like really) that are both opaque, you can alternate better. Maybe? I’m a striping newbie so any tips and hints appreciated.

Barry M striping attempt

Barry M striping attempt


So now I’m happier with striping, what’s next – Gradients šŸ™‚


2 responses to “Its all gone stripy…

  1. I LOVE your thumb in the second mani. I’m going to have to do that one myself.

    • thanks! I saw it somewhere else ages ago but they used glitter on the top, so it was like a patch work of glitter. I need to try that version as well!

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