Lilypad Laquer – Purple People Eater and In the Milkyway

Evening all.

I’ve decided to follow up with Loola’s fab post on Lilypad my Enchantmint with more LilyPad’s 🙂

First up is In the Milkyway which is described as a Marshmallow white holographic nail lacquer. This applied in 3 coats, slightly sheer on 1 coat but builds up nicely. No problems with application here. I’m glad its described as a marshmallow white, as its not white white, depending on what light you capture it in – its a white with pale grey/blue tones. Don’t get me wrong, its very pretty.

So here it looks white, and you can see a shimmer, but the holo isn’t that strong.

In the milky way

In the milky way – Kitchen light

I tried playing with the camera settings to show the shimmer better

In the Milky Way

In the Milky Way

And here it defo looks more grey/blue – still pretty . So I had a hard time capturing the holo shimmer, its not a strong shimmer but its more than I was able to get on these photos. 

in the milky way

in the milky way

Next up we have Purple people eater. Now I like purple alot and I recall a computer game as a kid with a purple pixle graphic moving around the screen trying to eat what ever character the player was playing. But apparatly it was a song! never knew that. Anyway so this was a polish I had to get on the name alone. I’m glad I did – this is a stunner!

2 coats, 1 coat of SV. No problem with application at all.

Purple people eater - less light

Purple people eater – less light

Look at the blue and pink and green shimmer. Soooo pretty.

purple people eater - more light

purple people eater – more light

Purple people eater - sparkling like a Christmas tree :)

Purple people eater – sparkling like a Christmas tree 🙂

What a stunner, its not a liner holo – but I think the way this just shimmers is beautiful and this polish had just shot into my 10 ten favourites.

So quicky nail art – I revisited one of my favourites 2 tone and size polka dots 🙂

Lily pad laquer - polka dot art

Lily pad laquer – polka dot art

So this was just My Enchantmint and In the Milky way  of different sizes dotted onto Purple People eater with a 2 ended dotting tool. But you can use a tooth pick or needle.

So verdict on Lilypad – very impressed and I already have my eye on several more 🙂

I purchased these from Sally Magpies in the UK, but if your an Oz resident your in luck as Nicole is based out of Byron Bay, here’s her Etsy page and it seems she ships to the US as well. (Didn’t I say a while ago that the Aussie’s seem to have some amazing polish makers! )


6 responses to “Lilypad Laquer – Purple People Eater and In the Milkyway

  1. I love Lilypad Laquer. I recently bought Ashes to Ashes & it’s gorgeous! I really want to get Purple People Eater. I love holos! I just can’t resist the sparkle! lol

    Love the polka dots!

    • We are suddenly having a wave of UK indie makers, but still the Aussie brands just really do rock. I want to try that Gloss n Glow that you blogged about!

  2. What? You’ve never heard of the One eyed one horned flying purple people eater?!!!
    I love the spotty dotties and the purple looks like one that needs to go on my shopping list, its sparkle is luring me in……………..
    I also have Milky Way but haven’t tried it yet – I too was hoping for a little more holo on the white, but spurred on by your pretty swatches I’ll give it a punt.

    • thanks Loola, it is a sparkly purple 🙂 I put it on my toes and can’t stand it – I think its because I need to see the sparkle, I think its amazing on my nails – but not toes.

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