Loola’s Guest Post!!! Layering with Lilypad Lacquer My Enchantmint and Dance Legend Termo 180

This is a very exciting post. Loola a fellow nail polish addicts anonymous forumite has been toying with the idea of starting a blog. Now Loola is not only a lovely person but her polish knowledge is really amazing, old & new, last season, next season, main stream collections to all sorts on Indie Brands – this lady knows her stuff and better still her love of all things polish really shines through! AND she agreed to do a guest post for little me! so exciting, and I think her blog style and pictures are amazing, puts me to shame but i can’t wait to start reading her blog! no pressure 🙂 

So with no further waffling from me, I introduce you to the lovely Loola! 

Layering with Lilypad Lacquer My Enchantmint and Dance Legend Termo 180

Well hello there to all you Ninjablossom regulars – I’m Loola, and I’m ridiculously overexcited about being asked to do a guest stint on Ninjablossom’s impressive blog and am very grateful indeed for the opportunity.
I’m not (yet) a blogger myself, and this is my first ever attempt at a post.  I’ve picked some of my newest polishes to share with you, so let’s get this show on the road…….

This is Lilypad Lacquer My Enchantmint.

Lilypad - my Enchantmint

Lilypad – my Enchantmint

This is a polish I just had to have – although I love holos I find that the majority are dark shades and I seem to have tip wear after just hours.  I also favour pastels and lighter shades, greens in particular so this shade seemed made to measure for me.
This is an Australian brand, fortunately made available to us UK polish fanatics by Sally Magpie’s Marvellous Nail Emporium which is where mine came from.

It’s from the ‘Colour me Softly’ collection and is described by Lilypad’s Creator as a ‘dreamy minty aqua holographic nail lacquer’.

Lilypad - my Enchantmint

Lilypad – my Enchantmint

I found the bottle and brush to be nothing out of the ordinary, perfectly agreeable and used four coats for the photos.  It’s on the sheer side and you can see that there is still a hint of the nail line showing.
The holo is on the faint side – more of a technicolour sparkly sheen seen only in bright light than than a blinding rainbow.
I guess this delicate effect suits a pastel toned polish.  The colour reminds me of a 1950s bathroom suite, in a good way! A retro shade updated with a modern holo injection.

Lilypad - my Enchantmint

Lilypad – my Enchantmint

Not satisfied that the subtle pretty pastel look would satisfy my craving for sparkle in this sunny weather I decided to crank it up a level with a Dance Legend Colour Changing Polish.
This is Dance Legend Termo 180 which changes from a black to clear polish depending on the temperature, with silver glitter.  It’s pictured under the cold tap as the temperature here was touching 26 degrees C –  as I was putting this on.

Dance Legend Termo 180

This is one coat of the Dance Legend over the Lilypad.
The Dance Legend was brilliantly opaque in one coat, this I liked.  However the glitter is probably the unglitteriest glitter I have seen.  It’s not matte, and wants to shine, but fails miserably.
Application of this polish was tricky in the heat – the change from black to clear is very rapid and occurred as soon as it touched my nails, I therefore couldn’t see which areas I’d covered.  Any messy bits on the cuticles also disappear until placed under the cold tap, so clean up was challenging too.

Changing from cold to hot…..

Dance Legend Termo 180

Dance Legend Termo 180

Ewwww.  Fortunately it soon settles!

When very warm……….

Dance Legend Termo 180 and Lilipad My Enchantmint

Dance Legend Termo 180 and Lilipad My Enchantmint


And between heat, as is seen mainly on a cool evening

Dance Legend Termo 180 and Lilipad My Enchantmint

Dance Legend Termo 180 and Lilipad My Enchantmint

Well, we’re at four coats of the Lilypad and one of the Dance Legend, but I still had the disappointing sparkle issue to address.  Cue Nails Inc Electric Lane holographic top coat.
Just the one coat of the Nails Inc as I’m pushing the layering limit now….

The finished article under the cold tap…..


and at current temperature.

Whew.  A total of 7 coats, but that suits me – nails feel well protected under a heavy armour!

I’m happy enough with the overall look, in this weather I see mainly the Lilypad with the Dance Legend silver glitter and the Electric Lane holo sparkle.  The black colour change shows on the tips as the temperature drops in the evenings, and only when I’m delving in the freezer for yet another ice pop do I see full black sparkly nails showing.

Thank you so much for reading, it was a bit of a saga, so an even bigger thank you if you made it to the end!
Loola x


8 responses to “Loola’s Guest Post!!! Layering with Lilypad Lacquer My Enchantmint and Dance Legend Termo 180

  1. I really like the finished look! In my opinion, a little glitter makes everything better, lol. Great review!

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! I wore it for two days and it was unscathed when I took it off, but there again I’ve only been lounging around in the sun this week….!

  3. Hurry up and start your blog Loola :p

    I love this post, you’ve done a fab job! I used to love the Special FX Fickles, but I love how this is clear so you can use it over any colour! What a brilliant idea! And colour-changing glitter polish…what more could a girl want?

  4. Aaaw, thanks Sam. If the glitter in the Dance Legend actually glittered it would be amazing, but the black to clear is quite something in itself. Dramatic, but I wouldn’t use it on its own, scary bare nail would show. I’d been playing with the cheapie Ferity Miss Match polishes and that’s when the layering light bulb lit up. I bought this purely to layer, it looks ace over sparkly magenta and green too.

  5. Congratulations on your first blog post! Loving that green and the Dance Legend layering is delicious. Great photos too, well done you.

    • Thank you Julia! I’m still working on improving my photos, hopefully my own Blog will be set to debut soon…….!

    • Thank you Bookishmanicurist. Lilypad Lacquer has so many pretty and shades to choose from, Google at your peril – it could get expensive!

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