piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

Celebrating the Year of the Blogger

So I’m very happy to be taking part in the piCture pOlish Blog fest 2013 and be sharing this blog post! I’ve become a big fan of this brand over the last few months, starting with the holo jellies and well now all the polishes they do! They are 3 Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan, no bunnies harmed here 🙂 and they are friendly ladies who like working with bloggers!

So the challenge as laid down by piCture pOlish –

Create your most ‘amazing nail art manicure ever’ using 3 x piCture pOlish shade provided &  Include a step by step tutorial to show everyone how you created the manicure

I was sent Gene Doll – a magenta medium hex and small glitter in a clear base, Candy – a barbie doll pink creme and Orbit, a navy mesh shade.


So a glitter, a mesh shade and a creme – this was going to be tough – 3 very different finishes…  Instinct was to do something with Gene Doll over Candy, but that would have been too obvious and where to fit in Orbit? dots maybe? nah… so after my success with striping tape last week, my mind went down that route and somehow came up with this. I am pretty (read really) chuffed to be honest – not only are there no pastels, I used striping tape and its quite sparkly and I hope show cases each polish.

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

A note on Orbit – this was amazing to apply – its a total 1 coater and just glided on the nail. Total love! Candy on here took 2 coats as I didn’t need the full opacity, but when wearing it alone I use 3 coats, no issues with application. Gene Doll needed no placing, I dabbed it on this mani but I got a decent mix of small and medium glitters. I have layered it over Candy in testing some ideas and 1 coat got good glitter coverage.


Blog fest challenge mani steps

Blog fest challenge mani steps

Step 1 – apply base coat, let dry and then 2 coats of Candy

Step 2 – wait for Candy to dry completely and totally before applying striping tape. I left Candy to dry over night – call me paranoid but where striping tape is concerned, it can’t be dry enough!  Placing the striping tape – I went for an ’emerge from the corner’ placement

Step 3 – apply Orbit – and remove striping tape straight away… carefully… and straight away. If you let it dry you risk dragging the polish.

Step 4 – wait for orbit to dry. Then using a small tiny piece of sponge folded up so its the tip of a pen size, dab on Gene Doll – dab more in the corner where the stripes come from and dab less along the stripes.

Step 5 – Apply top coat – I used SV.

So thats what I did – the idea was a kind of pink  and magenta glitter starburst out of the sparkly blue…

What da ya think?

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

I really enjoyed doing this, totally out my comfort zone and again whilst its quite a simple design to do, its a bit different for me 🙂 so thanks to the ladies at PP for choosing me to take part.

AND theres voting, apparently 3 winners will work will PP on a collaboration shade – how exciting would that be.

1 x Award – as voted by PP friends and fans
1 x Award  – as voted by the participants of Blog Fest 2013
1 x Award – as voted by Jules & Megs of piCture pOlish

All mani’s will be added to the special pintrest board for voting – so quite simply vote for me folks… 🙂 incase you missed it – VOTE FOR ME 🙂 

How to get in on some PP action:

To Purchase:  piCture pOlish can be bought direct , and also have some everyday deals and apparently they do ship internationally (I thought they didn’t for some reason) but local country world wide stockists can be found here (I highly recommend Sally Magpies!)

To Follow: piCture pOlish is on – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Pintrest 


Check out the other blog festers 2013 designs below:


7 responses to “piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

  1. i got similar finishes as well and it was definitely a challenge to make them work together. i think you did a fantastic job with them!!

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