Butter London & Water Decals – oh and some STRIPES!! (yes with striping tape)

Afternoon all.

Where has the week gone, well I know where its gone, in a maze of cycling, sailing and running… I used to write my own sick notes at school to get out of PE. I had an ongoing unidentified alleged wrist injury for years… and even got caught and put in detention a few times for the forged notes. I did actually break my wrist some years later – I think that might have been karma! But point is I was not an active child. I loved tennis, but was told I was crap – yes the word crap was used by the teacher – so my reaction was well ‘feck it then’… so now some years later I quite like this exercise, sporty stuff. Who knew? And thats not to say I’m any good, I came something like 420 out of 440 runners in my last 10K, the Hare overtook me several times, still I didn’t come last!  😦

So anyway busy week but I finally have a decent blog post – yay! Look Fantastic had 5% off and 3 for 2 on all Butter London’s last week. Selection wasn’t massive but I don’t own any and they are cruelty and free 3 and get decent reviews. So here are 2 I picked up, that I think match.

Teddy Bear is a  pale bubble gum pink – this was pretty opaque for a pale pink – thats hard to find.

Butter London Teddy Bear Outside

Butter London Teddy Bear Outside

Unfortunately the formula was slightly streaky and took 3 coats to level out so no major drama there, just annoying.  And you can see some bubbling on the polish, apparently this is down to the heat. (we are in the middle of a heat wave in the UK, most countries would call it Summer, but the UK is a country that likes to behave like a spoilt child with drama queen tendencies and over react to everything- so we are in a heat wave, trains are cancelled, emergency services cannot cope and people in East London think its bloody disgusting they have to drink more water.. seriously it was on the news!)

But I like the colour – and its one of the better pale pinks I’ve found that is opaque, I think this and the Kiko one.

So for this I added some Born Pretty Decals I have been playing with. I’m kinda loving Water Decals, easy to do and quite effective and cheap!

Butter London Teddy Bear & Oriental Decals

Butter London Teddy Bear & Oriental Decals

(can you spot the not so deliberate mistake? 😉 )

Next up is Molly – Coddled. Formula on this one was better than Teddy Bear, and took 2 coats. 1 top coat of SV.

Not sure if I bought this shade because of the name, which is fab – or the colour. I really have a thing for this shade of purple. I have 4 similar shades now of purple. I have a problem obviously…but I really like this shade in its own right  – its not as bright or as pastel as the others I have and think it would carry over to Autumn/Winter better. The others might be too summery…probably sounds mad as it looks pretty summery in the pic. Have to trust me here 🙂

Butter London Molly-Coddled

Butter London Molly-Coddled

I was playing with the decals again and decided I didn’t like them so gave up applying them…. but looking at the pic’s I have changed my mind.

Soooo my aversion and immense dislike of striping tape – well I decided to face it. These polishes seemed opaque enough to try striping, where the models own fruit pastels were just too sheer to do this with (I tried) And whilst not perfect I’m pretty impressed that first go on this attempt this is what I managed… 😀

Butter London Stripes

There may be hope for me and striping tape yet!

Right I’m now off to run up and down a hill several times, as apparently that will help me run faster overall… 420 out of 440? – yes I will try anything 🙂

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2 responses to “Butter London & Water Decals – oh and some STRIPES!! (yes with striping tape)

  1. Aww these Butter Londons and your nail art is adorable. Don’t worry about being at the bottom end, it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying yourself! 🙂

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