Woe – temporary hiatus

Sad news my nail polish loving friends – there will be no posts this week. My laptop is in the hands of the so called (and way to cheerful) geniuses at the temple of apple. The keys went, the the fan started going into over drive so its in for repair. Have to say I wasnt overly impressed at the fact he implied I spilt something on it – I would surely know? So I unless I take any excellent photos with my phone I have no way of uploading. I expect the lappy back by Monday and in the mean time I will be painting my nails and storing up photos to go (sods law says I had no draft blog posts lined up either 😦 )

But upon my return I shall have news of the MIND auction and details of what and when. For those interested in the running side I am comfortably doing 10k at the moment, so kinda half way there. I bought a fancy garmin running watch which arrived yesterday but 1) they sent me the wrong one and 2) I can’t use it and upload my runs this week as I am laptop less – AND my TV viewing is now restricted to Netflix and terrestrial TV as I’m laptop less and much woe I only have music on my playlists that I synced. 😦 do I rely on my laptop too much? Perhaps… (And I did have a gander at the new models, how bad is that? My old one, my old faithful, slightly tempremental one hasn’t even been declared dead yet and I’m eyeing up new models.

Quick note on polish as this is a polish blog – have you seen the swatches of the new Nails Inc beaded polishes? I’ve seen a few that compare them to cottage cheese. Pretty colours but gross finish – shame on you Nails Inc, shame on you Β£11 a pop and again another big company that seems to have forgone the testing process before selling this stuff. How long before they are free on some magazine? πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the sun all and I shall be back next week ( unless I get bored and fancy some random musing on here)

NB x

ps. Apologies for typos worse than usual – it’s really difficult doing this on an ipad – I know excuses excuses, I like keyboards and mouses. I’m old fashioned πŸ™‚


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