Models Own – Fruit Pastels Collection

Apart from feeling like I have slightly neglected the blog recently I also realise that I have been and will be featuring Australian Indie brands a fair bit on here. I say I will be as Sally Magpies is getting some new to the UK lovelies and well, who am I to resist…

BUT this is a UK blog and I am very happy to be blogging some Models Own today. I’ve never bought Models Own before and I was in Westfield at Shepherds Bush this week so it felt wrong not to go to their bottle shop. I’d seen some stunning swatches of the fruit pastels collection and at £20 for 6 polishes who am I to say no… (the pastels collection is 5.. so I got a peach as well, but thats not on todays blog)

So my first Models Own…. how did they rate. Well first up I hate the bottle, lets get that out there. Round fat white lids… just looks cheap. BUT they are better than Nails Inc silver round cheap lids. And at £3.33 a polish it not a big deal.

Photographing these was really hard, so there is only 1 pic of each, which I deemed to be truest to its colour… they go on as per the colour of the bottle, so thats the best guide I can give…

First up is my favorite out the bunch Grape Juice. A beautiful pastel purple (I’m developing a real thing for purples and lilacs people, so much so, I might do a comparison post as I’m starting to get some close dupes.. I just cannot resist it seems)

Application was 3 coats. Goes on sheer and slightly patchy but levels out pretty quick. I can forgive. This is with 1 coat of SV. I got 1 chip after 2.5 days so the wear is okay.

Models Own Grape Juice

Models Own Grape Juice – sunlight

Banana Split – this was the worst to apply, went on very patchy and streaky but again 3 coats levelled it out, but be careful with the application.  But for a yellow this is a really pretty yellow, I really liked it. No Top Coat on this one.

Models Own Banana Split

Models Own Banana Split – Sunlight

Blueberry Muffin had the best application, only needed 2 coats. No Top Coat here. Colour is just a pastel blue the photo makes it look more grey than it is, but its quite pretty but nothing unique, lots of pastel cornflower blues out there at the moment.

Models Own Blueberry Muffin

Models Own Blueberry Muffin – shade

Apple Pie – similar application, slightly patchy but levelled out in 3 coats. Top Coat SV – shrinking on the ring finger, which is why the others don’t have top coat.. very pretty green, its not as bright as the Kiko Mint I own but its still vibrant.

Models Own Apple Pie

Models Own Apple Pie – shade

And last is Strawberry Tart – a gorgeous pastel pink that doesn’t lean red or blue – just pink. 2 coats on this one, decent application no real patchyness.

Models Own Strawberry Tart

Models Own Strawberry Tart – inside natural light

So some minor application issues – but over all for £3.33 a bottle I can’t complain. I love all the colours, they compliment each other perfectly and in 2 or 3 coats they look really vibrant and summery. I love this collection and think Grapefruit juice is going to be a much used staple but I can see myself actually wearing all of them as they are – sweet! 🙂

So nail art, well 5 summer polishes just shouted out gradient to me… and I decided the Born Pretty water decals I bought would compliment the colours perfectly. The decals were about $2.86 for a sheet of 40 aprox. Shipping took 2 weeks which isn’t bad.

For this I tried out my Kiko Gel look top coat, which surprisingly dried pretty quickly.  I went for 2 coats of this. One coat would have done, there is ever so slight bubbling if you really look, but thats user error on my part. But I love love love how this came out. Funky and Summery.

Models own pastels nail art

Models own pastels nail art

I like it so much I’m showing you the left hand, which you can see needed more careful application but no one will notice out and about.. (unless they stare at my nails…)


Models Own Gradient and Decals

Models Own Gradient and Decals

Oh and I forget the Pastels collection have a scratch and sniff thing on the top – not sure that would persuade anyone to buy a polish but its a gimmick I could have passed on but you may love.


3 responses to “Models Own – Fruit Pastels Collection

  1. I only got some Models Own recently, I don’t mind the bottle but I suppose white plastic lids do tend to look cheap. I also think they smell v.v.strong.

    Love the pastels you chose and the final mani!

    • I think its the big round lids that put me off, same with Nails Inc and the round fat lids make it hard to look in a draw and see what the colours are. But thats me being finicky.

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