365 Days of Color – La Bohem Collection (long post)

Woo Hoo my first collection. I’ve never owned a collection before 🙂

This is the spring collection from the indie creator 365 Days of Color. There is a small story behind the arrival of this polish so are you siting comfortably…

In the UK when ordering from overseas, if the amount goes over £15, we get taxed. The tax is fine, its the law, so it needs to be paid. But the robbing merchants called Royal Mail add on a fee for paying the tax on our behalf. In my mind this fee is blind robbery. Happy to pay tax but not Royal Mails high fee’s.

So I purchased this mini collection in a sale on the site and happily it came to under £15. Only 2 weeks later I got a fee due notice from Royal Mail. I marched down there with proof that I paid less than £15 and a copy of the customs rules from their web site – just in case.

Royal Mail simply stated that I had to pay up and dispute with Customs and Excise. Would this get me the Royal Mail fee back? Nope. So I rejected the parcel and Royal Mail had no choice to send it back to the sender. The reason it got caught at customs was because the full price of the polishes was stated not the purchase price.

Anyway I emailed Sanaz and explained and bless her, she said she would correct the customs form and resend when she got it back. No dramas and she admitted she was unaware of the amount on the form could cause problems. I mean I forgot to check what she writes on the form as well 😦 So a few weeks later Sanaz emailed me out of the blue to state the original polishes had not turned up, so she had sent a new package over. And a week later here they are! I would have waited longer, but she said she was worried. That is what I call customer service.

I have to say Sanaz was so friendly to deal with! And part of the reason I went for this collection is you can see from her web site, there is a lot of love and care about what she does, and I think this reflects in the polishes.

So these are the pretties.

356 days of colour La Boheme Collection

The application on all these was excellent, the glitters just went on, I didn’t need to fish or place the glitter. All polishes are 3 coats with a coat of SV – with the exception of Vagabond, which I used Barry M Lychee as an undie and then 2 coats of polish. But all polishes were consistent in their application, no faults. Quite impressed. 


Nomad Outside

Nomad is yellow, mustard with teal square glitter. I quite like the contrast.

Frolicking Outside

Frolicking Outside

Frolicking has circle magenta glitter , small squares in tan and brown and pink and copper glitters in a mint green base. Stunning!

Frolicking Inside

Frolicking Inside

Gypsy Skirts outside

Gypsy Skirts outside

I couldn’t capture the proper colour of Gypsy Skirts inside, it washed the colour out when its quite a gorgeous dark peach colour. Square glitter and hexes!


Again I had trouble capturing the colour of this one. Its kind of a mid tone foundation colour – and its really pretty, with royal blue smaller glitters. I wore this for 3 days, a record – but its pretty glitter in a simple way and the base colour is netural so this is a good meeting/office polish if you can’t go all out but find it hard to wear a block colour with jazzing up.

Hippie Song outside

Hippie Song outside

Hippie Song Inside

Hippie Song Inside

Hippie Song is a stunning grey/pale blue with a gorgeous shimmer. Photos speak for themselves.

Free Spirited outside

Free Spirited outside

Free Spirited inside

Free Spirited inside

Free Spirited is just a stunning bright blue with a copper shimmer. This one took me by surprise!

I really liked them all, and even have ideas for using Nomad for some nail art (no longer being a fan of yellow I expected this one to go to the bottom of the draw and be forgotton) and will be wearing all of these but Frolicking and Free Spirited are defo my favorites.

You can buy 365 days of colour at the web site http://www.365daysofcolorpolishes.com/ and I’ve seen 3 flash sales in the last few months so its worth keeping an eye out.


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