Tri Polish Challenge June – No.1

Morning all!

So its Mid June – scary, the year is now flying by and summer seems to be not showing its face in the UK again 😦 but it means its challenge time, yay!

This months colours are red, pink and purple.

I am using China Glaze (yes China Glaze, I’m just reluctant to buy them anymore but will use up what I have) in That’s Shore Bright and Dance Baby and Kiko 362 Poppy Red.

butterfly image nailz craze plate

What to do, well I was inspired by wall paper! and got the dotting tools out. I used White Wedding as the base, dotted on the flower leaves, tried to give them some definition using a needle to drag the dot out and finished with a black centre.

tri polish challenge Jude

tri polish challenge Jude

It actually reminds me of a duvet cover I had as a kid, very early 80’s esq maybe. But its bright and cheerful and I like 🙂

See what the other ladies did by clicking below:


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