Zoya Summer Pixie Dusts – Stevie & Miranda

Oh Pixie Dusts how I heart thee! You should have heard the squeal of delight when the postie knocked on my window and I knew he was holding the Summer pixie dusts – so exciting and happy to report these did not disappoint.

First up is Stevie, oh the much lemminged Stevie. A purple pixie dust. What to say? went on like a dream. If I was feeling wimsical and over dramatic I would say that it just flew off the brush onto my nail all by its self…

Zoya Stevie

Zoya Stevie – Inside

Zoya Stevie

Zoya Stevie – Outside in the shade

Zoya Stevie

Zoya Stevie – outside in the sun

This took 3 coats, went on very sheer at first but built up nicely. I left about 10 mins between each coat. That was hard, I really wanted the finished application on my nails ASAP! The texture was just right, not lumpy, not too much. Like NYX this was like wearing purple powdered diamonds on my nails. Gorgeous.

Next up is Miranda. A kind of pinky, rosey leaning ever so slightly to a red. This was a lot more pigmented than Stevie and only needed 2 coats. Again application was so easy. No mess at all.

Zoya Miranda Outside

Zoya Miranda Outside

Zoya Miranda inside

Zoya Miranda inside

This was hard to photograph as its more pink I’d say than what shows up here. But it is going to make an excellent xmas polish, just has the right kind of sparkle. I need to get thinking about some nail art with these babys. I did layer Vespa over Stevie and it created a gorgeous grey effect, so I think the possibilties are endless with these.

Purchased from Tiffany’s nail supplies, aprox £7.50 each (I bought 4) including the postage.


One response to “Zoya Summer Pixie Dusts – Stevie & Miranda

  1. These both look so pretty. Pixie dust seems a really apt description for the finish, a challenge to keep my wallet away from the computer here…..! Thanks for the brilliant swatches x

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