Tri Polish Challenge May – No 4 Big Old Nail Fail!

Sometimes it happens, the nails just don’t work. And I’m not proud, so here is a nail fail.

This wasn’t actually the one I wanted to post. Actually I lie I am proud – so it goes like this, I did a black base and some 3 dotted flowers with the grey, red and blue. But when I cropped the photos, my nails looked like claws and well my cuticles were a disgrace. So it was binned. This union jack was actually my first challenge idea, which I binned as I decided it looked crap with the colours and its just not neat, I mean look at those lines, I really need to be at one with the striping tape.

Ideally I would have done another design, maybe some dots  but this week has been so busy, and I’m painting my nails in an OTT 80’s neon leopard print now (fancy dress party) I am posting a fail.

What I shall do however… is revisit this design in the coming months and improve upon it! 🙂


What I also think I should do next month is make more use of glitter toppers and the gold and silvers…

edit – actually if you class this as a modern abstract rough idea of the union flag, its not necessarily a fail is it… (I would have said post modern, but truthfully I don’t have a clue what people mean when they class stuff as post modern, I just think they talk rubbish, but could these be post modern union nails?…if no one knows what post modern actually is , and its one of those bluffy blaggy terms that means nothing but everyone pretends like they understand – if I say these are post modern then everyone has to agree with me…yes? I’l shut up now, its been a long day, can you tell? 🙂 )


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