Tri Polish challenge May – no. 3 (Dry Water Marble)

How was everyones weekend? it was a nice long one in the UK and US. I went sailing, racing 🙂 fun but hard work, sleep deprivation is something I need to get used to, and despite 11 hours last night I am very zombie like today! And I chipped a few nails (sailing and nail’s do not mix) so have to cut them all short, proper short. Luckily I have a few posts scheduled while they grow!

So I was going to do a normal water marble today when I realised I had never tried a dry water marble on a plastic bag. So here is no.3 a dry water marble. This is such an easy method, brush the polish on the bag and then drip each polish in the same way as a proper water marble to create circles and use a tooth pick to create the pattern. Leave to dry over night, peel off the plastic and cut to a bigger shape than the nail, apply over a base coat which is still tacky, let dry and then file the edges. Easy peasy – I like this method 🙂


tri-polish challenge banner (1)

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