May Tri Polish Challenge – No 1

Yup its that time of the month again 🙂 Have to say though not happy with this months colours, they seem a bit clinical but whats the point of a challenge if its not going to well erm challenge you.

This months colours are BLUE, RED and GREY…. and these have challenged me.

So the first offering is some simple stamping with Nail Craze 01 & I used Konad white to stamp with and some simple dotting. 1 coat of Poshe over the top (which is getting quite gloopy 😦 )


I have to say my instinct with this challenge was to do everything over a white base to make it all more pretty but I resisted that urge and have only done 1 of the challenges that way. I think this is okay over the red base. Actually I just realised I messed up the little nail, they are not alternate colour dots, how could I miss that before? oh well too late now.

My colours – Kiko 295 (blue) Kiko 329 (Grey) and Color Club Mamba (I don’t have a red Kiko, or I would have used that)

Kiko 329, Kiko 295, Color Club Mamba

See what the other crumpet challengers have done below:

tri-polish challenge banner (1)


8 responses to “May Tri Polish Challenge – No 1

  1. thanks ladies! I think its a little out my comfort zone as I’m all whites and pinks, purples at the moment! Thats why I like the challenge though, gets me out the comfort zone/rut… 🙂

  2. Lovely mani , love the little extra you did withe dots in the center of the flowers! 😀

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