Star Trek Nails

Hello All,

Guess what I’m going to watch tonight? 🙂  – feeling the urge to get some more nail art on here and moving on from the disappointing realisation that CG suck and an indie seller I bought from put the full price rather than the price I actually paid in the sale on the custom form, so Royal Mail are holding the varnish to randsom till I pay their customs charges – I am here with some happy nails!

I’m not what I would call a science fiction geek – but I am looking forward to the Star Trek film, I thought the reboot was rather good and as a kid with an older brother and a best mate who were addicted to Star Trek The Next Generation, I did end up following it. Data I think was my favorite character, but for fanciability forget Riker, it was all about Worf. I know, please don’t judge me. Actually Benedict Cumberbatch looks strangely fit in the trailers. Maybe I just have weird taste in men.

I do watch Dr Who sometimes, not avidly but yes I am curious about ‘who the hell Clara is’? actually I’d like her to be a female incarnation of the Master in some odd regeneration gone wrong- but no I’m not an avid fan.

So yeah anyway NAILS! Here are my Star Trek nails, 3 of the original shows uniform colours and 2 galaxy nails (which were sooooo easy to do)

Orly Black vinyl, a yellow that cannot be named, Kiko 295 and Color Club silver and red for the uniforms. Galaxy was Orly Black Vinyl base with sponge of Nails Inc The Serpentine, OPI Eiffel for this Color, and a purple, white and dark grey shimmer from a brand I’m not liking at the moment.

Star Trek Nail Art

Star Trek Nail Art

I got some weird shrinkage effect on the blue nail 😦

I have been harbouring thoughts of TV/Film nails for a while, but the inspiration is lacking. I wanted to do some Spartacus nails, Spartacus was an amazing TV show, I could do some nails with the snake on his shield, I may yet do this but the question mark is over how to do the design –  I guess I could do some gold themed mask nails… for those who watched the show I am sure your familar with that scene  😉 RIP Andy Whitfield. Dexter Nails should be easy – but Mad Men and the Walking Dead have me puzzled for ideas and well Game of Thrones, hmmm what to do?… I will get thinking on this as a weekly post.  Any ideas feel free to share!


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