World Ovarian Cancer Day – Awareness Nails :)

This is the quickest I have ever gone from painting my nails to blogging them 🙂


Yesterday was World Ovarian Cancer Day, a day to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer. This is the first one ever and as it has the lowest survival rates of a gynaecological cancer, awareness is greatly needed. Its not picked up on a smear test which was actually my misconception 😦 I seriously presumed it was, but this is why awareness is needed.  Full details can be found here: and here

So Donna of The Crumpet Tarts asked the ladies if we could do a Teal based mani for awareness. I thought about what I could do and then promptly forgot 😦 I already had a post scheduled yesterday then I saw the blogs being posted and decided a day late is still raising awareness.

Anyway soooo the only teal based polish I have is a Boots 7 one. Its not a great polish (streaky and the brush is awful, its actually in the ‘give to my niece’ box) but I put in on at lunch time, thinking about some stamping when this little beauty turned up this afternoon, Ocean by Picture Polish – its one of the new blog collaboration shades, its a turquoise jelly but figured over the dark teal it might work. So I simply layered 2 coats of Ocean over the Boots Teal, and then added a brush stroke of Boots Teal, Picture Polish Wisteria and China Glaze Spontaneous. The closest colours of the logo I could match. I just brushed on the colours with a fine nail art brush. Very simple, but effective I think. Topped with a coat of Poshe.
(I’ll blog properly about Picture Polish another time when I do some of the other holo scatter shades they do which I’ve recently worn – this is just about the awareness nails)

World Ovarian Cancer Day

World Ovarian Cancer Day

Picture Polish Ocean - World Ovarian Cancer Day

Picture Polish Ocean – World Ovarian Cancer Day

See what the other ladies came up with, some very creative efforts I think 🙂


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