Romantic Kiko 372, Kiko 345 and Nubar White Polka Dots

Up today I have more Kiko – yes more Kiko, I’m still going through my online recent haul. But these are pretty, so pretty…
We have in the pink corner Kiki 372 – Nude and up in the green corner we have Kiko 345 – Jade.

These are natural nail mates, no fighting here. So I went for an alternate colour on each nail.

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345 in the sunshine


Kiko 372 & Kiko 345

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345 in the shade

Application on the Nude was fine, this is 2 coats and Poshe top coat. The Jade went on slightly patchy and isn’t totally even still. This is 3 coats. Maybe I need to apply thinner layers.

So these being spring shades I added Nubar White Polka Dots which I felt gave it a romantic wimsical look. I got Nubar White Polka dots in a blog sale – its white hex glitter with a slightly matt/satin not shiny finish. So the effect is quite subtle, which I like. The below is 1 coat, application was a pain, the polish is quite thin so the hexes group togeather and alot of dabbing was required. However I was very pleased with the outcome.

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345 & Nubar White Polka Dots

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345 & Nubar White Polka Dots – in the sun

I think you can see the white polka dots better in the shade below. I’m not sure why brands keep calling hex glitters ‘polka dots’ to me a dot is a dot… a hex is a hex and if your going to call a polish ‘polka dot’ then I would have thought using circle glitter would be a better idea but I’m just picking now. Its very pretty and compliments the Kiko’s very well.

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345 & Nubar White Polka Dots

Kiko 372 & Kiko 345 & Nubar White Polka Dots in the shade

I have to say that I think Kiko 372, Nude is going to be one of my go to polishes. Its the perfect pink nude, where Barry M Lychee is the perfect non pink nude. But as far as pastel subtle greens go, I do think Kiko 345 Jade is stunning. Very happy with these purchases, which I ordered online from Kiko – but there is a shop in Westfield White City, West London and if your in Europe I believe there are Kiko shops in various Cities.

Anyway on facebook I spotted a ribbon notice stating that May was the Prevention of cruelty to animals month. Upon googling this it seems it was actually in April in the US. It doesn’t really matter when it was, or which country drove the campaign as any awareness raised is good and cruelty to animals shouldn’t happen at all, full stop. So I happened to be wearing nude when I cam across this and did a little animal stamping for the cause 🙂

Kiko 372 Nude

Kiko 372 Nude

Cat stamp is from Dashica SdP 2o and the paws are from Cheeky 27. Stamped using Orly Liquid Vinyl.

And if your not also aware I am raising money for MIND a UK mental health charity by running a 1/2 marathon and doing a polish auction via eBay for Charity – full details here – Training wise, I managed just under 7k this week, so progress is being made 🙂



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