China Glaze Sunsationals Summer 2013 collection

15 May 13 – I’m adding this note as I complained to CG about Isle See You Later, as it didn’t build to a jelly and was basically a waste of £5. I’m not the only blogger to slate this polish, the most notable blogger being The Polishaholic. I stated to CG that I bought 2 jellys and You Drive Me Coconuts built up quite well, so how could they release such a poor product. I posted a link to this blog post, showing what I bought. 

Their response to me, was to state Isle See You Later is a jelly with a watercolour effect and if I want a more opaque finish to try their cremes, they have 6 jellys and 6 cremes, and maybe try a ridge filling base coat. Oh and ‘Have a Nice Day’ – not even a sorry you were not impressed, not a wimper.

I’m not impressed by such a lazy response. The polish was shit, the application on these generally was poor. The blog post was fun, but hey there are so many neons out there. If thats how CG are playing their customer base, then I need to take my cash elsewhere. 

For those that liked Thats Shore Bright – I received Wisteria by piCture pOlish last week, which is a very close colour and application much easier, maybe it leans more pink. Its a happy alternative for me. As for Sun of a Peach – every big brand seems to be releasing neons, I’m keeping my eye out for a dupe.

Second sad thing to note is the guy who runs Nailpolishdirect – has been caught again stealing bloggers pictures, removing the watermark and using them on the site. Why he couldn’t just ask and send the blogger a voucher I don’t know. But to be that devious and think he wouldn’t get caught when so many bloggers chat is daft.

So thats China Glaze and Nail Polish Direct in the dog house. Both suck. I’ll be taking my cash elsewhere 😦 

Up today I have a few polishes from the new China Glaze summer collection.

So let me start by saying these polishes out the box were bright, seriously bright. First words out my mouth were ‘shit they are bright’. These are fun, summery and in your face polishes. sunglasses smiley photo: sum-sunglasses o4ki.gif

China Glaze Neon On the Shore Sunsational collection 2013

L-R Sun of a Peach, Thats Shore Bright, Isle See You Later, You Drive Me Coconuts.

I don’t know where to start with these polishes, they were not boring, they were quite entertaining! And I apologise for some of the photo qualities, these were not easy to capture their true colour. So some were taken on the iphone which got the true colour better, but the quality is worse.

Lets go with Isle See you later – this is an easy one to blog about. Its suppossed to be a jellie, it was more like a clear top coat with the tiniest hint of blue. Looks stunning in the bottle but 5 coats and it was still sheer. So I tried layering over white, and I’m not going to offend you with a photo of that disaster. So then I tried a jellie sandwhich with a blue base coat. It didn’t make a difference. The glitter shone through, it just acted like a tinted top coat. This polish is a complete waste of time. So no photos.

You Drive Me Coconuts also a Jellie, was a complete contrast! It was slightly sheer rather than being totally sheer and the below is 4 coats and a coat of Poshe top coat. Application was fine, no issues. If you like neon pinks jellies, I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. This for me is a festival going polish.

China Glaze You drive me coconuts - outside, sunny

China Glaze You drive me coconuts – outside, sunny

China Glaze - you drive me coconuts

China Glaze – you drive me coconuts inside natural light

Next up we have Sun of a Peach which is from the creme’s.

This is soooo much brighter on the nail than in the bottle! This is bright neon orange/peach. Actually this really reminded me of the colour of an orange highlighter pen. This is 3 coats. Application was well a nightmare. It goes on streaky and patchy. Which did level out by the 3rd application. 1 coat of Poshe top coat.

Considering application was a bugger, it photographed really well!

China Glaze - Sun of a peach, outside sunny.

China Glaze – Sun of a peach, outside sunny.

China Glaze - Sun of a Peach. Inside natural light

China Glaze – Sun of a Peach. Inside natural light

This is where the photos went mad. Look how radioactive that looks! Told you it was bright neon.

China Glaze Sun of a Peach - inside shade

China Glaze Sun of a Peach – inside shade

China Glaze - Sun of a Peach Outside, shade

China Glaze – Sun of a Peach Outside, shade

And last but not least we have Thats Shore Bright. Application was so much better than Sun of a Peach.  It went on really well, and I loved this one, its such a beautiful bright light purple. This is my favorite by far. 3 coats and 1 coat of Poshe top coat

Thats Shore Bright - inside, natural light

Thats Shore Bright – Inside, natural light

Thats Shore Bright - Outside, sunny

Thats Shore Bright – Outside, sunny

So what do you think? Thats Shore Bright was the massive hit for me, Sun of a Peach was just let down by the application. Isle see you Later, is just a huge disappointment, not sure how they can even release something that bad.

This is only 4 of the collection though and the tiny cynic in me, wonders if the formula will be improved any when they are released in the US… but as far as blog posts go, that was a fun one to do! (and a big thanks to Loola for the tip off about their availably over here!)

All purchased from the Nailpolishdirect web site.

British Nail bloggers blogs below, check em out! 🙂

8 responses to “China Glaze Sunsationals Summer 2013 collection

  1. Thank you for your honest review and I’m sorry China Glaze were so offhand with you – I agree there are plenty of brands on the market so it shouldn’t be difficult to find what you want without buying ChG again too often!

    Also, ITA about NailPolishDirect. I saw the OPI Bond Girl pictures they stole, and I’m giving them a wide berth, which will also include not linking to their site in my blog posts as well as not buying from them self. I think if they want to use bloggers’ pictures, the least they can do is ask and then give credit for the pictures, even if they’re not going to go as far as sending samples to be reviewed!

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