Color Club – Halo Graphic (Sunglasses warning)

Like textures I didn’t think Holo’s would be my thing, but since blogging I’m finding there is a lot of holo love out there  so I had to try one….and the Color Club Halo Hues are amongst the most top rated. But they can be rather hard to get hold of, I managed to get one of the 2012 collection Halo Graphic, a pretty pink!

We’ve had a run of very sunny days in the UK so it was time to try the holo’s.

This is 3 coats, it goes on quite sheer at first but builds up quickly. I think all holo’s go on slightly sheer at first. Maybe an undie is needed… might try that on the next one.

But boy does this baby like to be photographed in the sun! grab your sunnies for these…

in the shade

in the shade

in the sun!

more sun, work that holo!

more sun, work that holo!

inside with flash

For some art I decided on simple flowers. This is China Glaze Smoke and Mirrors dotted on for the flowers and Layla Mercury Twilight (another holo) dabbed in the centre.



So application was good, coverage was good, holo was simply amazing. Highly recommended. 


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