Picture Polish Revolution – A glitter base coat, to make glitter removal easy…. yes indeed!

Am so excited about this post!! But warning it contains photos of naked nails šŸ˜¦

So on Monday Picture Polish launched a new base, designed for glitters that makes glitter removal as easy as removing normal polish. WHATT? that got your attention….

And they have called this promise in a bottle ‘Revolution’ – I’d heard a roumer that something special was happening in the way of base/top coats and thought it was going to be a top coat like the new FNUG one but when this came out I admit to being very impressed. Luckily the lovely Sally’s Magpies had stocked Picture Polish Revolution on the very same Monday and it reached my well manicured little mits today.

So what does this mean if it works… Well typically Glitter nail polish removal is a hassle – this means no foil for starters, no cutting up little cotton pads and foil strips and drying out cuticles with remover…no sitting around with foil covered nails. No picking away at glitter, no peeling away glitter and damaging the nail layer. No PVC glue waiting to dry. I love glitter polishes but seriously doing the foil removal has started me avoiding my glitters. And I have so many pretty ones, and whilst loveable, they are a pain.

So this is the product…

Picture Polish Revolution

To test I decided to go with a glitter skittle mani, ranging from dense glitters, to glitter top coats of varying sizes, to a jelly glitter. All different brands. And as I use the Bourjois dissolvantĀ remover (Kiko have something similar and I’ve seen this method of removal in Europe so its worth testing) I did the same skittle on both hands. To remove one hand using the Bourjouis and the other using a standard cotton pad and high street brand remover.

To use Picture Polish Revolution, Picture Polish advises applying 2 coats, waiting for the first layer to dry before applying the 2nd. Once that has dried apply the glitter polish as normal.


Little Finger – OPI Excuse Moi! 2 coats (Dense multi colored hex glitter and small silver glitter in a berry red jelly base – I forgot how stunning this polish is but was such a pain to remove)
Index Finger – China Glaze Dance Baby and 2 coats of Barry M Rose Quartz
Middle Finger – China Glaze White Out and 1 coat of Its a Trap-eze
Point Finger – KB Shimmer Wheres my Peeps at – 3 coats (Jelly with some small and large glitter, not dense)
Thumb – Nails Inc The SouthBank and Happy Hands MotherBoy 2 coats (Clear with medium and large hexes)

So glitters of varying density, all of which have required the foil method to remove, I painted them on, as I would normally so some using undies, and used Poshe Fast dry top coat.

I waited 6 hours until removal.

The results – well theĀ Bourjois dissolvantĀ remover was taking quite a while on 1 nail, so I gave up. I was being a bit over optimistic here! But the normal remover… watch and see… (its 2 mins long, fast forward through it, you see the results quickly)

I’d say that was pretty hassle free removal of glitter polishes! I actually just scrubbed at the polish like I would normally and it was easy but Picture Polish advise to cover the nail with a soaked pad for a few seconds and then scrub.

Revolution itself has PVC glue esq properties, I got some on my cuticles and it just peeled off and after removal there was a tiny amount stuck on my nail which was glue like. But unlike messy PVC glue it went on like a normal base and dried pretty quickly and theres no peeling involved!

It also fills out ridges andĀ apparentlyĀ it makes holo’s brighter and is a good top coat for foils….!


I’d say that this is indeed a revolution!

Bought from Sally Magpies UK, other regions check out the Picture Polish site for suppliers. I’m off to decide on which glitter to wear now šŸ™‚



4 responses to “Picture Polish Revolution – A glitter base coat, to make glitter removal easy…. yes indeed!

  1. Fab Video! Will be trying out my bottle of Revolution tonight, I’m itching to give it a go now that I’ve seen this….!

  2. OOH! I have really wanted to use Orly’s Halo for a full mani as currently I only use it as a half moon as it takes so long to get off. This could be a fab investment!

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