More Texture Love – Zoya Pixie Dust NXY

I’ve been wanting to try Zoya polishes for ages but they are not cheap in the UK. Well actually depends on how you look at it… there are some retailers that sell them for around £6 but you really need a few to make the most of the postage. Then on eBay they sell for around £10.50 free postage. Which is still cheaper than a Nails Inc polish. So really they are not that expensive. Anyway I went for it and decided to buy a Pixie Dust, one of their texture polishes in NYX. It was a really tough call as they all look so pretty.

This is the polish – just look at that baby!! If I was in love with the Kiko Sugar Mat then I am smitten, in lust, head over heels with this baby. Just look at how it sparkles. Its like wearing powdered diamonds. its blue but veering towards grey so has that rock chick esq vibe.

outside, english sun (i.e blue sky no sun)

These are all 3 thin coats. Application was amazing, I think even the messiest nail polish painter would have trouble not getting this on well. It was pretty sheer but the layers built up nicely. Below was taken inside. see it looks more grey but the sparkle isn’t diminished any.


And one more photo outside, just because its pretty, soooo pretty.


I took these a day after application and you can see some slight tip wear, but theres no top coat so guess thats going to happen. Wonder if a matte top coat would work? might try that.

I’m so excited about the summer collection thats coming out in the UK end of this month, Stevie is top of the lemming list, then maybe Liberty, Govinda from the spring range could be worthwhile, or Vespa. I’m (read my bank balance) is in so much trouble here. And to think, I really was anti textures!

And yes this is a whole blog post dedicated to 1 polish and no art. I think it deserves the attention of one post. And as this is my first ever Zoya, I have to mention how cute their bottles are. They look quality, where Nails Inc tend to look cheap after a while.



Pixie Dust big time.

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One response to “More Texture Love – Zoya Pixie Dust NXY

  1. I’m so with you – I finally splurged on my first Zoya a month or so ago and got Dahlia, the black pixie dust. It is my favourite thing ever. Next on my list was Nyx until those summer ones came out! Now I want the Nyx and Destiny (the orangey red one)

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