Pretty Serious – Twinkling Lights

Another Pretty Serious for you, Twinkling Lights from their Christmas without Snow collection.

Twinkling Lights is a very small blue glitter and larger copper glitter in a clearish base. You can wear it alone, but I think its more of a glitter topper. I read it was designed to go over to Hot Summer Nights to give the effect of a night sky! I didn’t buy Hot Summer Nights so I layered it over Nails Inc the Serpentine which is a Navy Blue creme and all topped off with SV.

Also this was a bugger to photograph again. What I hope you see is the navy layered with bright blue small glitter shining through and the copper of course.. I think the effect is so pretty.



outside in the sunshine (cold but sunny at least)



inside, the navy base is more apparant

The blue micro glitter really sparkles in the sun and inside I think it does capture the night sky element. This is a really unusual polish and I love the copper contrast to the blue.


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