Pretty Serious: BSOD & Glitter Tips

Morning All,

I had massive intentions of working on the blog on Sunday, scheduling some posts, sorting the tags and categories, updating some links and pimping it out to get some more hits (I’d really like over 100 hits in the one day… really would) but the sun came out on Saturday and I started spring cleaning, which turned into a trip to Ikea and well my flat is covered in boxes destined for the charity shop and I’ve not even started on the kitchen yet. So the nails and blogging took a back seat. But I have a beauty for you to make up for it.

This is Pretty Serious BSOD. What a blue beauty! 3 coats with no top coat. This was a very hard polish to photograph, the amount of glitter (or my negligible photography skills) seemed to make most of the pic’s blurry. But hopefully you can see how glitter dense this is, in a blue jelly. It reminds me of the ruby shoes the girl in the Wizard of Oz clicks to go home,  only in a bright blue! (I’m not a huge Oz fan, can you tell!)


You can’t totally make out the jelly as its so packed with glitter! Application was easy, nice consistency and this took 3 thin coats. I didn’t use SV here as I wanted to show how shiny it was without for the photos.


So again like so many beautiful glitters, I find it hard to do any nail art with them. As I’ve be drawn back to French Mani’s lately I went for glitter tips.

This is 2 coats of China Glaze Diva Bride and then BDSO dabbed on a with a tiny piece of sponge and I mean tiny. I took a thin strip of kitchen sponge and folded it over so it was only slightly bigger than a cocktail stick and dabbed on, going heavier at the end of the nail. Then a coat of SV.


I love this! Even if I do say so myself, it makes my nails look sooooo long and after weeks of messing about with fancy nail art I am finding the simpler nail art is the more striking. I do love designs with multiple colours and several stamps etc but my skills lean more to the simpler stuff, maybe with time  Smiley


In the midst of my cleaning and building chests of draws at the weekend I had a chance to go over my smallish collection and I really do see to have a thing about blues and greys and pinks. I never noticed but they are very prevalent in my collection. Have you guys noticed a leaning towards certain colours that you never were aware of?


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