Kiko 295 & more dots!

Still in love with the Kiko polishes so up today is no. 295.

Which is a blue, which is going to be a series of blue themed blogs as it is Autism Awareness Month and the campaign is light it up Blue! I have my own thoughts on Autism, like a lot of other ‘conditions’ I believe these ‘conditions’ which are so called with a negative insinuation as they just don’t fit into the society we have. Frustration comes about from not being ‘normal’ (i.e like the so called majority) not doing what is ‘expected’ (what everyone else conforms to) – but like most things, what is normal? This can get kinda deep, but awareness of different people is good and acceptance is great! I’m running for Mind (mental health charity) end of the year and I like the idea of charity awareness posts!

So the Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue… This is such an unusual blue in a polish I think, its just a bright blue. Its not quite sky, its not electric and its certainly not cornflower or navy. Cerulean is described as somewhere between Cyan and Blue and over laps with Sky and Azure (Wiki)  I did put it in a line of of some other blues to show how different it is. What you can’t dispute is what an amazing colour it is. (well you can, but I can’t, I think its stunning!)


So whats it like on the nail, well it went on semi sheer, not totally sheer and took 3 coats. I had VNL on 2 coats, but if you don’t you might get away with 2.  And like Pink Kiko 376 the brush fanned out and application was easy. All the below are with SV top coat except the nail art.

outside in the shade (and snow)

outside in the shade (and snow)

outside in a rare sunny spot

outside in a rare sunny spot

inside under the kitchen lights

inside under the kitchen lights

So nail art, despite being bright I felt there was something sophisticated about this colour, so I felt simple dots with an equally sophisticated polish Barry M Lychee was needed.



I didn’t actually mean to make the ring finger dots bigger but I tried covering up a mistake and the dots took on a size of their own. But I kinda like the difference with the other nails.


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