Kiko 376 & French Tip Nail design

One of the other Kiko polishes I bought was just in their standard collection and is called Kiko 367.

I’ve been after a pale opaque bubblegum esq pink. You think that would be easy, but no. I’ve tried pinks that claim to be that, but end up being too sheer, or too barbie or too dark. I was trying to buy China Glaze Something Sweet but the only reasonable priced place selling it has sold out (and I had it in my basket ready to go, always the way) But Kiko 376 looks perfect in its cute bottle. So how did it hold up… pretty damn well I think 🙂

outside in the snow...

outside in the snow…3 coats


inside under the kitchen lights

inside under the kitchen lights

Application was easy, it goes on thin and sheer but builds up in 3 coats easy. The brush handle is just the right size and the brush fans just wide enough to coat the nail in 1. I like it alot. I like Kiko alot and I find the lack of weird names quite refreshing. Kiko polishes are a number, but they are more than just a number. (Pretty sure thats from some cool 60’s cult show)

I’ve also been toying with those french manicure stamping plates and I really wanted to use them, but by the time I had done the white tip I realised that the plate images were too big for my tiny nail tips, so I went for a polka dot instead. I rather like this. – excuse the dodgy thumb nail.




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