Kiko Sugar Mat & Nail Cuticle Scrub & Care Pen

Good afternoon all! Today I have my first Kiko appearance on the blog.

Kiko is an Italian cosmetic brand which doesn’t make a huge appearance on blogs but when it does, seems to get rave reviews. Its not an expensive brand, the bottles look quality and they do the on trend stuff like textures. I was supposed to be going to the Kiko shop in Rome at the weekend – well I was supposed to be in Rome for general sightseeing etc and I added the Kiko shop to the sightseeing list – but Rome didn’t happen, long story but I took the day off I still had booked and went up to Westfield Shepherds Bush yesterday – which turned into one of those wonderful shopping days where I seemed to find stuff I liked, was in budget and fit me. I am so in love with Pull & Bear at the moment! (apart from the models on their web site, which apear some what creepy) Anyway I digress, back to Kiko.

First up we have one of the Kiko Sugar Mat’s – no 643 which was a lilacy matt pink. They did have some glittery sugar mat polishes but being sensible for once I just bought the one, to see how I liked it. (I bought 3 normal polishes, the cuticle pen, an eyebrow kit and a mascara…is that sensible?!)

Well the verdict on the Sugar Mat was quick and swift, I bloody love it!!

How gorgeous is this, and despite me thinking I would dislike the texture polishes I adore this.

Outside in cloudy weather

Outside in cloudy weather

The texture isn’t too corse to be annoying, and it was really easy to apply. This is 3 thin coats. The colour I think is just stunning, I’ve been after a summery lilacy pink which doesn’t look middle aged or bland and this is it. (Bruton Street Nails inc, should have been this colour in my head)

Inside no lighting

Inside no lighting

How did this work with stamping? Well I did try several normal polishes that usually stamp well in various shades and only the Konad White seemed to stamp well. Thats not to say others don’t its just a case of finding which ones do work. But I am so pleased with the effect, how pretty is this? Used the Dashica SdP 39 plate (did I mention how much I like the Dashica plates? seriously this blog is just about the love today!)


not a brilliant clean up, only noticed one I uploaded the pic’s.

And finally as the Konad stamping polish doesn’t totally dry I tested a mat top coat over all the nails and tried a normal glossy top coat over the ring finger. The mat coat made no difference to the actual polish effect but I’m not keen on the gloss top coat, seems to take away whats special about this polish.


So there you have a Kiko Sugar Mat – I will try the Barry M textures before I rush back to Kiko to buy more. The Kiko Sugar Matt was £4.90 so only a little more pricey than Barry M – I even prefer the Kiko bottles 🙂 but I have to be fair and give Barry M a chance.

Whilst there and on the quest for something to sort my nasty cuticles out I bought the Nail Cuticle Scrub & Care Pen. The word scrub sold it to me. I’ve used it once and seriously, the cuticle just fell away. It seemed to make a huge difference immediately  – I put some Lush Lemony flutter on last night and added some cuticle oil before taking these pic’s which I normally do – and I think there is a vast improvement on my nails from last week already. I took the Wheres my Peeps at pictures last Wednesday.

I’ve ordered CND Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil so I will compare that over the next few weeks.

Big thumbs up to Kiko so far.

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2 responses to “Kiko Sugar Mat & Nail Cuticle Scrub & Care Pen

  1. I am quite impressed with Kiko, I went to the shop in Westfield White City (west London) not sure if they have else where in the UK. But they have stores in Italy and Europe if your ever that way. Their makeup seems quite good as well!

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