Happy Easter – KBShimmer Wheres my Peeps at

Hello all, and Happy Easter!

So this is another special day cheat like the St Paddies day mani – I didn’t do any nail art. I was actually away and didn’t get a chance to do much but I thought Wheres My peeps at is a perfect spring/Easter Colour to show you. Its a pastel yellow jelly with dark pink, blue and silver (I think, its really hard to tell) large circle glitters and some tiny glitter and tiny bar glitters. Its very cute.

This took 3 coats, it goes on fairly thin and very sheer but I didn’t need to push the glitter around – the thinness of the polish makes the glitter go on easier I think. Despite being thin it was easy to apply –  more so in fact than the gorgeous lovely Lottie Dottie.

The 2 shots are with SV top coat.



Its a nice polish but unfortunately for me, yellow just doesn’t seem to be my colour. I find my self drawn to yellow polishes but I don’t think they do anything for me. (I spent 10 mins debating Models Own Banana Split earlier 😦 )

So apart from the fact the colour doesn’t suit me, its a decent polish. I really do like KB Shimmer polishes, so whilst this is not for me,  I am excited that Harlow and Co got a restock of Elle, which is a grey jelly glitter!! Excited much? hell yeah! have been lemming Elle a while, so hopefully that should make an appearance over the next few weeks!

One thing that did really concern me on the above photos was the state of my cuticles – As they are a mess.  They were actually worse than they have ever been, I think cutting the cuticles is making them worse, so a few days away has given them a chance to recover. Whilst I feel shameful about exposing my unkempt nails, I think I have finally found a product that makes a difference 🙂 Its hard to tell until I photograph my nails in daylight so hopefully tomorrow I can share and compare!


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