Stamping – Dashica Plates

I’ve only really used the one Konad plate I got when I decided to try stamping and then I bought the Cheeky Bundles. I’m getting on much better with stamping since I read that you scrape the image towards the logo. I have NO idea why this would work but it does. I like to know how things work, so if anyone knows please share!

But the one thing that does annoy me about these plate bundles is the amount of images I just don’t like. So I then discovered Dashica, who sell single plates and they seem to have excellent reviews. I ordered 3 of the smaller plates and with packaging cost £10. Delivery from the Netherlands took 3 days. Excellent service!! (to compare I’m still waiting on an eBay polish sent from Essex… its been nearly 3 weeks)

So for this I used the Paisley design from plate SDP 39 – and took inspiration from a cushion I made from some Sari material I got from India years ago.


paisley1 paisly2

I used Orly Elsbeth Rose and Orly Glitz to stamp with. I had no problems with this what so ever. I’m really surprised that with the detail of the paisley design that it managed to stamp so well. Very impressive so far 🙂

NOTE – I have to apologise for the photos they just seem really crappy. The battery ran out on my camera and I was too lazy to find the charger so i went back to using my phone. The phone pictures looked fab on the phone but not on the lappy. I will go back to the actual camera!


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