Pretty Serious – Liquid Leprechaun

I was going to do a St Paddy’s day manicure, being half irish an all and who needs an excuse for a manicure… not me. I’ve had liquid leprechaun since Jan and decided it was going to get rolled out on the 17th March but once I put it on, adding stamps or decals or any kind of nail art just seemed to ruin it. This is a polish that just needs to stand alone and show how beautiful it is,  it was 2 coats to opacity and a coat of SV to keep it shiny. Thats all it took. It doesn’t need stamps, nail art or adornments over it or on adjacent nails. It should be enjoyed in all its raw natural beauty, so the Paddy’s day nail art manicure was binned.


inside during daylight



outside – it was raining a little

Liquid Leprechaun is part of the Monster Mash (Halloween) range by Pretty Serious. This is 1 of 4 I bought and I think this is my favorite. Its gold and green glitters of different sizes in a green iridescent jelly base. Sometimes it looks like a moss green, sometimes a light emerald, some times mossy again. Pretty serious describe it as a leprechaun gone through a blender – But I think its as green as the Irish country side, the Irish country side after the leprechauns had a party, got hammered and threw up their magical leprechaun glitter stomachs. This polish is stunning and this polish is sooooo not just for Halloween.

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