New challenge – Tri Polish

So  The Crumpet has set down a new Nail Art challenge!  This one involves using 3 colours (Coral, Purple and Green) over 4 days (3rd and 4th Tue and Thurs of the month) You can also use black, white, gold, silver and glitter toppers. You have to use at least 2 of the colours in each design and at least all 3 of the colours in 1 design. Full rules at The Crumpet.

My colours of choice (excuse the messy Orly bottle, I think I was water marbling) I quite like the choice of colours, and they are screaming ‘Water Marble’ to me…

tri1 tri3

I quite like this challenge, its more fun having free reign on design but having to use certain colours. And I love the lepoard skin design I’ve done. This has to be even easier than Cling film wrap nails – its ultra easy and very effective.

I’ve never been one for animal skin design clothes and accessories but on nails, its pretty fab!


See what the other challenge tarts came up with:

tri-polish challenge banner (1)


3 responses to “New challenge – Tri Polish

  1. thanks! The Barry M Gel’s are fab. I’m just waiting for a deal to buy to the rest of the spring colours, quite tempted by the textures as well… 🙂

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