Ask a British Nail blogger: Q1 What’s your nail care routine?

So the ladies in British nail bloggers think it will be fun to answer a question every 2 weeks related to our favorite obsession, and this weeks its about nail care routines.

So these are my core products


1) I use a glass nail file, I switched several months ago and have found my nails stay stronger and don’t break anymore, with an emery they used to get thin and crack at the tips. I’ve had no trouble with the glass file. And I may have mentioned this before… this one only cost me a £1, there is no need to spend £10 – £15 on a glass file. The boots one I previously bought lasted a week before it wore down and I’ve seen very mixed reviews about the nails inc one. A good glass file should last you ages.

2) Nail Polish remover. I have this handy dispenser usually full of a cheaper remover for cleaning stamps, plates brushes etc and I buy non acetone for removing polish, usually a superdrug one but I’ve just run out so no picture.  I change my polish every 2-3 days unless I’m bored, have more free time to stamp etc or am on a run of particularly long conference calls Angel Smiley

3) Cuticle remover and orange sticks and cuticle clipper – I’m using the nails inc striptease one at the moment, I’m not sure on it to be honest. A decent remover should actually just lift the cuticle so when you push back with an orange stick it removes the excess. I’m not sure the nail’s inc one does anything soaking doesn’t do… so I still clip my cuticles Oh My Smiley
I know there is some argument against doing this, but until I find a cuticle remover that does the job I’ll carry on. Any recommendations please let me know!

4) Lush’s cuticle butter, lemony flutter. This stuff smell’s gorgeous; it really is lush! I tend to put this on after I’ve removed all the polish on my nails and I’ve added a layer of clear polish as I find it stains the nail. It seems like an expensive purchase but you use a tiny amount and its a big tub thats going to last quite a while.

5) Cuticle oil. Some people find this an expense but this tube I bought 20 months ago in Miami when backpacking and deciding I couldn’t handle unkempt nails anymore! I’ve used it every day and its only just about to run out. Just brush a little on to the cuticles and gently rub in. I do this twice a day if I remember, but always at least once a day. Makes a huge difference to any manicure.

6) Hand cream. Nice nails and dry hands are a no no. I’ve got several tubes of hand cream but I do actually find the superdrug one quite decent.

7) Nail buffer – I only use the remove ridges and smooth nail side once a week, anymore than that would weaken the nail.

Once a week I will file and buff my nails and sort the cuticles out. At the moment my nails are growing like weeds, its quite amazing how quickly they grow! So if I’m not filing them properly in the week (and I don’t always and theres no reason not to, nail filling and conference calls go hand in hand!) I find I have to clip them and file them once a week and to be honest if I’m wearing bright reds or similar I prefer slightly shorter nails.

So there you go no great secrets and no really expensive products!

See what’s in the other BNB’s nail routines below:



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