Color Club Haul

I’ve developed a slight condition in which I cannot pass a TkMaxx with out going in to check out their polish.

I did this when I went to visit my parents 2 weeks ago and last weekend I happened to park in Kingston right opposite Tk Maxx, so I went in. That makes 3 visits in a month. But look what I got for £6!!!


They are all mini’s – I say mini’s but they are double the OPI mini’s at 7ml!! These were in 2 collections, the Fiesta collection and another that had no name on it, and 1 polish was missing so I got a discount. And there are no names on the bottles, so I’ve not been able to identify them all yet.

This is my first encounter with Color Club and from some initial playing about, have to say I love them!

colorclub stamp

I think this is Bluetopia which is a very dark inky sheer blue – its just like the colour of blue ink, stamped with On the Rocks, an amazing silver and an excellent stamper. Plate was CH 51. It’s an odd polish to apply as it goes on thick but you can see how inky it looks with a thinner coat but it isn’t a polish that goes on thin. Its such an interesting polish, I will have to have a play with glitter jelly sandwiches and this.

This is one coat of On the rocks, shown out side on a very grey day with no top coat. The formula was thick but it was easy to apply, no streaks, kinda went on like a liquid metal! It looks like someone has smoothed foil over my nails. I didn’t think I liked metallics but this could sway me. Its mainly going to be used as a stamper I think.


So impressed and so excited for my halo hues that should be in the post as I write!

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