Tape – Crumpets Laid Back challenge Day 12

So today’s challenge is tape. I do love the challenges as some times I find my imagination lacking. And practising all these techniques, I’m discovering which I like and don’t like.

So this is my challenge mani today –


And I’ve discovered I don’t like taping. Its a pain in the arse. After painting the base layer I could add SV so it’s touch dry with in minutes, I still wait hours, I unsticky the tape on my palm –  but the tape still pulls off the base, especially on my little finger, its very odd. This took me several goes.

This is Barry M Lychee – with a gradient of Orly, Elsbeth Rose and Artificial sweetener. I love the gradient (I love Lychee with everything at the moment) and think the colours work well togeather, its a sweet combination. But I don’t think the tape lines add anything special?

And apart from colour blocking, I’m not sure what else I want to create with tape.. I really can’t be bothered to cut tape into shapes and paint around to do lightening bolts etc. Stamping is so much more effective and quicker.  I may eat my words in the future but tape mani’s are a no no.

What do you think? any inspiration for me to start liking tape designs?


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