Splatter – Crumpets Laid Back challenge day 11

Challenge 11 in the laid back challenge is a splatter mani. Having just had a spring clean and tidy up and feeling very zen about being tidy at the moment (some weeks I can be a tad on the messy side) the word splatter just conjured up images of mess, mess everywhere. So I did some research and its a messy technique. So I’ve cheated and I used this excellent tutorial to paint the splats on. Yes, I painted the splats on.
Its worth having a look at all of Kayla’s tutorials because quite frankly they are excellent!

So here is my slightly creative take on the splatter mani challenge:


Base – Orly Black Vinyl

Orly – Green Apple, China Glaze – Dance Baby, Electro Beat and papaya punch

I’ve also broken my no buy – quite badly. I really need to address my lack of will power, as I didn’t just buy 1 polish from 1 place, I bought several from several places 😦 but I assure you they are so pretty and I’ll feature my best find, a really dark blue inky jelly next week.

Have a happy Sunday folks!


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