Nail Court – in the dock: Nails inc greigey colours

Today I am judging these 3… yes judging, I don’t like to judge in daily life – each to their own but I am judging these for making me feel meh about them and disliking them, I dislike the fact I dislike them. Read on…


I’m quite proud of my stash of polishes. I’m just about under a 100 bottles and I have enough to be creating pretty nail art with for a while. So I am determined not to buy any more this month and the beauties I have need to be appreciated first. But what about those polishes I just look at and go meh…I really want to love all polishes equally but I can’t with these 3. They offend me, 1 in particular upsets me greatly – so they are going through nail court… to stay or go…?

I must have been having a greige phase as I bought these (in style mink was a magazine freebie that I bought specifically for the polish) before my nail art and desire for all colours that were bright and pretty and make you go ooooh obsession began.

I think 3 these fall into that ‘not bright, kinda non offensive nude but not a nude’ bracket – so I’m going to compare them for you and show you how I fell in love with the one that offended me the most!

So they are all Nail’s Inc and I used Kensington base coat and no top coat for these.

These are the 3 offenders with 2 coats


in the sun (the SUN!! – Summer is coming, so looooooong Winter!)

L-R Lownders Square is a lilac dark purple, Bruton Street should be a dusky pink, Mink is an odd purpley brownish colour.


in the shade (we have shade, which was created by the SUN!!)

So when I look at the Sun picture – they don’t look so bad. Application was easy, as per Nails Inc standard. Mink is slightly thinner than the other 2 and needed an extra coat – but it was a magazine freebie, so do Nail’s Inc change the quality of their polish for freebies? I wouldn’t have thought so as the whole point is to encourage custom but if they are saving costs – maybe. I know some other bloggers have questioned the quality of their QVC polishes. But even so, these polishes didn’t streak and are opaque and with no top coat – just look at the shine!! If you take the colour out the equation – Mink would get 8/10 and the other 2 10/10.

Anyway I really dislike Bruton Street the most. I loved the swatches of this polish, when I saw it i knew I wanted it and it just disappointed me so much. Which maybe is why I dislike it more than the others. Anyway when I first tried it for some reason I added a coat of China Glaze Diva Bride (a mistaken sheer polish purchase used for french mani’s) and it transformed Bruton Street in to a dusky pale lilacy pink – it was stunning! So below I attempted this with all 3 and then just Bruton Street as I think it works best on Bruton Street.



So the verdict…

There should be no hate in the polish world, and I think by just a little trial and error each polish has its place. I love Bruton Street with the CG top coat its one of my more neutral favourites now (along with Barry M Lychee) and seeing all 3 polishes side by side makes me think they make a natural ombre/gradient…maybe I should try them with a matt coat. So whilst Bruton street is definitely a keeper with the CG topper, the other 2 are subject to more trial and error and who knows my tastes might go back to these colours at some point – so I think a suspended sentence for a few months 😉

Oh and this is my first British Nail Bloggers post – very proud to be part of this group of British blogging ladies who kindly let me join them!. Click below to see what the others have been up to:



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