Laid Back Challenge – day 10 Geometric

First off I’m really annoyed with Word Press. I’d written this, saved as a draft, added the tags and saved and when I went back – it had gone. I edited the Water Colour Nails blog post and had to save and edit several times before it saved the changes – even though it said it had saved. So if anyone got multiple emails, thats why and I apologise. Any more of this and I will move to blogger – I’m sure are quaking in their boots 😉

So moving on – my entry for the nail challenge. Geometric. I tried 3 different things for this and the last one is the one I like. But I’m showing all 3, as its too easy to see perfect beautiful designs on blogs and never really know if some went wrong or just were not acceptable or if the design was perfect first time. So I have included my fail nails!

First attempt – colour blocking. I used nail tape to create the lines and decided I liked it as was, So I re added them (original were covered in polish!) and added SV top coat. But you can see the tape has started to come away from the nail. So this was a reject, but I like the colour combo tho.


So I tried again, using a 17 Nail Striper to create the lines (bought as a Union Jack pack of 3 for £5 during the Olympics from Boots, Bargain!)

I didn’t like the free hand look and I got sloppy with the application as can be seen on the index finger – this one is going to take practise with the striping brush tho. And my cuticles are dry and a mess. Why am I showing you this picture??


So this is my final attempt, which whilst not perfect I quite like. Was inspired by the myawsomebeauty blog.




I took this picture a day after I did it and I type alot, so you can see tip wear quite badly. This wasn’t my challenge was it!

The one thing I learnt doing these, was it could look bad on the nail but once a top coat was added, it levelled out quite a few imperfections and brought the design together. So anything you hate, don’t wipe it off until you’ve added a top coat! A matt top coat would look good on these I think, so I will return to geo designs at some point.



2 responses to “Laid Back Challenge – day 10 Geometric

  1. I love the last one and I feel the same way about stripers, I find them hard to use, there’s something about the length of the brush and they’re too floppy to create straight lines.

    Also, hi! Thanks for following via twitter 🙂

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