Laid Back Challenge Day 9 – Saran Wrap

This is a day early but I won’t get a chance to add it tomorrow so here is Day 9.

Saran Wrap is what our friends across the pond call Cling Film. Saran Wrap sounds so much more exotic doesn’t it? I do believe that our friends down under call it Glad Wrap. Its that plastic stuff you use to cover your food over, and poke holes in before microwaving the stuff that sticks and is usually a pain to use – but you can use it for nail art – yes really.

This technique is soooo easy and simple and as you probably have several polishes and some cling film in the kitchen…its cheap!

You start by choosing your colours – you can use 2 colours, complimenting, or contrasting or go mad and use several colours. Once you have painted your first layer and it it dry COMPLETELY – yes let the first layer dry first or you will pick of the base layer when you start dabbing the second. So its dried completely, paint your second layer colour and this layer whilst still wet, with a square of scrunched up cling film you dab all over this layer, which creates a marble effect. You can also put the 2nd polish in a try and dab the cling film from the polish ON to the nail as well. Repeat if you want to.

Got too much of one colour? simple, just dab another over the top to balance it out.

And this doesn’t make too much mess, the clean up isn’t that bad, much less messy than gradients. So to break it down this is what you need:

1) 2 polishes or more

2) cling film

3) top coat

Its that easy, so if you love nail art but don’t want to go down the road of buying brushes or stamping plates, or think you have unsteady hands etc this is the technique for you.

This is my attempt – the photos don’t do it justice to be honest. But fear not, I love this technique so much, you will be seeing more of it.


Base was Barry M lychee – then layers of Nails inc , Orly Green Apple, Nails Inc West Ferry Circus and York Strect and SV top coat.

The challenge

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