Water Colour Flowers Nail Art

When I started reading blogs, I started noting down designs I really wanted to try. Water colour flowers I saw on so many blogs and I adored all of them.

And today is the 1st of March, Spring is nearly here! and I love Spring, the temperature increases, the nights are lighter, there’s always a kind of excitement and hope about the summer to come  – even though we don’t really have proper summers in the UK any more, its just more of a warm rainy season – as a country we still seem to be excited about the forthcoming summer, which we always think is going to be the hottest ever and when it rains – we always believe the press until October when they declare an Indian Summer is on the way – it never arrives and we move swiftly into winter.

I’m waffling about weather, how awfully British of me! So Spring = Flowers and I decided to try the water colour technique.

This ones pretty simple one you have a few goes. You can see on my ring finger the flowers are too solid. Basically paint a base colour, let it dry. In a jar lid or tray you add some nail varnish remover and add a few drops of your flower colour, and then dab on to the nail. Simple huh and very effective.


Base coat – China Glaze White out.
Flowers – Nails inc Holly Bush Vale, China Glaze Spontaneous and Electric Beat
Leaves – Essie Mojito Madness
Top Coat – SV

I’ve loads of ideas to expand on this – some might be far fetched so I’ll try them and then share with you 😉


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