KBShimmer Lottie Dottie & China Glaze It’s a Trap-eze!

So this week was an exciting week for nail mail 🙂 I received 2 KBShimmer spring range polishes from Harlow & Co and 2 from Lush Lacquer on Etsy. Both arrived with in a week of ordering – seriously impressive and just makes the temptation to order more, soooo much easier. Although I am on a no buy till May…

And although I started buying polishes like a crazed woman for Nail Art – sometimes I just can’t be bothered (stamping I’m looking at you and your fickle ”maybe I’ll pick up the image today… maybe I won’t” ways…) and plain nails just don’t cut it and I just feel meh about more polka dots (strange huh but it does happen sometimes) then glitters are the easy solution!

So these are my new additions


KBShimmer Lottie Dottie & Wheres my Peeps / Lush Lacquer Salt n Pepper & Chubby Bubby

Just from the bottle I could tell Lottie Dottie was going to be special and therefore was going to have be rationed – so the first pictures are 1 coat of China Glaze White Out and 1 coat of Lottie Dotty and SV Top coat.


If White is going to be the IT colour this spring, then this is perfect as plain white nails, however glossy are still a bit on the plain side for me. Its blue and fuchsia circular glitter and mirco glitter and micro bars in a milky white base – it’s just such a fun polish. I’m still ever so slightly tanned and think I can pull the white off at the moment, but I decided to try and layer it over some other colours anyway…


Thumb – Nails Inc the Southbank. L-R Orly Green Apple, China Glaze Dance Baby, Essie Bikini So Teeny, Lottie Dotty – 3 layers.

The grey and the blue undies just dull the white, so I think would suit days not brave enough for white – and I think Lottie Dottie worked brilliantly over the pink and green – and just layering it over itself creates a jelly effect. I think it all works.

Overall this is a fab polish, and so versatile  – I love love love how this layers and takes on that colour – The polish was pretty easy to apply, the glitter needed some pushing around but not much. I am completely head over heels for Lottie Dottie. Its going to need a back up.

Previously to my new Indie purchases my favourite glitter was China Glaze Its a Trap-eze. Which is totally different to Lottie Dotty with varying hex glitters and loads of them in a milky white base – so just on the fact its a milky white base as well – I decided to show that layered below

This is layered over China Glaze – White out (going to need to replace that soon, who would have though white was going to be my most used polish!)


And this is layered over the same colours used for Lottie Dottie


Thumb – Nails Inc the Southbank. L-R Orly Green Apple, China Glaze Dance Baby, Essie Bikini So Teeny, Its a Trap-eze – 2 coats

Layering over grey (Nails inc The Serpentine, creates an off white effect that I quite liked, but layering over colours didn’t have much effect – the base is quite opaque.


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