Adventures in Water Marbling

So like any newly obsessed lacquer head, I went through the motions of trawling nail art blogs and making a list of everything I needed to recreate these oh so pretty works of art.

It was inevitable then, that I came across water marbling pretty early on.

If your reading this, then I presume you know about water marbling and if not there is many a tutorial to be found via google. But as easy as these tutorials make it  seem, do not be fooled.

This is a messy process that does take practice.  My first few attempts were a very very oh so messy disaster. I tried taping my nails, I dipped each nail in one at a time and as I didn’t find one nail to my liking I removed it – which of course spoilt the remaining nails. Thats another thing about nail art, you need to be patient. I’m not a very patient person, so I see nail art as a therapeutic tool to teach me patience… erm moving on

So my next attempt took me 3 hours before I got to the below photos – 3 hours, of trying and removing and starting again. However once I assessed

  • that using Vaseline (actually vaseline rose tinted lip balm as I had no vaseline handy) to protect my fingers was much better and easier than the tape method
  • And that once you have a pattern to your liking, dipping in several fingers at once, is much quicker and provides a much better result (for me anyway) and is quicker.

I guess you have to find what works for you, I loved the result and I will be attempting this again 🙂

First decent attempt – still some clean up needed, but I’m glad i took the picture as during the clean up – I ruined a nail and being an idiot, I started the lot again 😦


2nd attempt – too much pink but still happy… and I went with a matt top coat which I kinda liked, but chipped quickly.


I used China Glaze White out as a base and for the colours: Orly – Green Apple, China Glaze – Dance Baby / Electric Beat / Spontaneous & Papaya Punch.

And Rimmel Matt Finish top coat on the 2nd pic.


2 responses to “Adventures in Water Marbling

  1. Those are both pretty awesome, but three hours! Oh my gosh, I don’t think I could handle it. I formally retired from water marbling after my second attempt (four attempts at one accent nail – argh!). So seriously well done on a successful water marble!

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