Nails Inc Baker Street

So I’ll start with one of my all time favorites – Nails Inc Baker Street.

Now for me, I figured this might be a little bright – at the time I was going through a classic red phase and its the middle of winter here, so standard behaviour is dark, moody colours. But isn’t winter exactly when you need bright in your face colours?

Anyway as I applied it, I was in love. This is bright blue, electric blue, colbolt blue. It goes on like a dream and is pretty opaque on 1 coat. I applied 2. Its everything I have come to love from Nails Inc – well pigmented and beautiful glide on formula. I’ve read reviews that the brush is too wide – for me I find it perfect, I have small nails though and find longer and thinner brushes messier to work with.

I’m not totally familiar with blogging photo etiquette and I don’t have a fancy camera so bear with me. The first nail art attempt with Baker Street – I’d just received my Cheeky plate bundle and was inspired by the nail art challenge ‘things around you’ –


So I used Nails inc Kensington base coat, 2 applications of Nails Inc Baker Street, Konad white and cheeky plate CH5. I added a little bit of bling of a rhinestone to a big star on my index finger and topped with the Konad top coat – which dragged the stars, I have now learned that with top coats like this and Seche Vite need to be ‘blobbed on’ and not dragged. Hey I’m learning!


The below is Nails inc Baker street, and I used a dotting tool with China Glaze White Out. The picture is blured, sorry I will get better with practise. I also used Seche Vite on this and I’m not sure about it, I find it shrinks the nail polish.


For those who love the SV stuff and live in London, Hollywood Nails in Peckham sells it for £3.50 a bottle – as well as loads of other goodies, including China Glaze for around £3/4 a bottle, OPI and Orly amongst others. I also picked up a glass nail file for a £1 which has lasted 3 months so far (compared to the £10 Boots one I bought, that the file wore down after a week) The place was an Aladdin’s cave and I came away with a huge haul of goodies for £30 – wish I had the blog then to show the haul! Next time…


So yeah, I love Baker Street and I love contrasting it with white – I figure I should get a back up bottle.

Coming up – adventures with water marbling, something called jelly sandwiching? and I have folded and bought some Indie Brand polishes from the US, so with any luck they will be here over the next few weeks.

disclaimer – I purchased all the above polishes and have no connection to any nail polish firm or shop and am blogging this out of pleasure 🙂


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