Hello World!!

Well hello there! So I should introduce myself and my reasons for starting a blog, about lovely nail polishes and nail art and all things nail related in what seems to be a heavily blogged about market already.

Well my names Jude and as you might have guessed I like nail polish, I like nail art and lately my addiction is growing into well, an obsession. My collection is growing and always seems incomplete, and if I’m not prepping my nails, or painting my nails – I’m reading a swatch blog (some excellent blogs out there) or some latest nail art technique or design or worse still am shopping for nail polish. There comes a time when reading just isn’t enough, when showing one or 2 mates and sometimes even getting the odd compliment from strangers about my latest mani, just is not enough. Being on the edge of the fascinating and obsessive online nail world, is just not enough anymore. I need to play, I need to share, I too need to blog.

So where to start…this love affair started as a kid, although I couldn’t tell you when or how. At primary school I remember being asked by friends to bring in nail polish so I could paint their nails the next day. I would get ooh’s and aah’s on simple pink, purple alternate nail mani’s. I recall a vague fascination with bar glitter – we are talking the late 80’s here. And at 14 I did an Avon round for a few months and well that was like heaven, seeing all the new colours and getting them at discount. I didn’t do very well with the avon round, I twigged selling the samples for 100% mark up at school was way easier than going door to door locally and I got sacked when the area manager realised what I was up to. I was by no means a popular or cool girl, but I was quiet and faded into the background but I was known for being able to paint nails very well and not being afraid to mix up the colour chart. I guess nail polish was my version of self expression!

But this love affair which has been just about nice colours in my adult years, has suddenly blossomed into an albeit different monster last year when I learned of nail art (it was the Olympics and seeing all the flag art just got my blood pumping…) and discovered stamping. Oh yes, stamping – I have a total love/hate relationship with stamping. When it works its amazing. When it takes hours, I hate it.

As far as brands go, last few years its been all about Nail’s Inc – strong colours, easy to apply usually and nice collections. They are on fire lately with the feathers/concrete/denim releases – excited isn’t the word. But as I browsed the nail blogs, my collection has grown with China Glaze, some Orly and Essie, Barry M and good old Boots 17 and no. 7, oh and lets not forget OPI.  I’m also showing myself to be a total lemming where the Indie Brands are concerned… and this pains me. Oh the glitter, of all different colours and shapes, the jelly bases – how I love thee. However this is a trend that has taken off over the other side of the pond and down under – and I dear reader, am based in the UK. So buying these wonderful and well blogged about indie brands is bloody expensive 😦 doesn’t stop me craving them though. But I am open to swap’s – Yes I am open to swap and nail mail.

So enough about the whys and wherefores. You wanna see some polish?


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